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If you can read and write, you can learn Python!

The interactive online environment respects the school curriculum approved by our Ministry of Education here in Romania and can be used within any education cycle as an introduction to the Python programming language with Turtle Graphics.

The information presented is optimized in size and emphasis is placed on frequent user interaction. There is no need to install the programming environment on any device, it is enough just to access the web application.

Let's listen to their wishes actively! Kids love Python because it's modern, simple and attractive! A solid analytical thinking, combined with an algorithmic one, is a real plus in the life of the little ones! Python is super fun on Mars, the planet that has become the dream of this century in our quest for evolution!

Python from 5+ years!

Starting from middle school, students learn programming. Languages like C++, JavaScript or Python could be sometimes boring for students and kids in the computer lab, so why not trying a different approach? This animated online programming editor with Turtle Graphics is free and a lot of fun!

Why not even sooner? Unlike other languages, Python 3 has simplified syntax to make writing code much easier! It's perfect for beginners, friendly and really modern.

Learn something cool with your loved ones!

Be a modern parent, kids love Python 3! If you have time, study the language with the children and actively support them in the learning process!

The Python language is also perfect for primary school!

Since they know how to read and write, children can apply what they have learned in math using small instructions to perform simple calculations or generate geometric shapes on the screen!

You don't even know what programmers you have in your class - be a practical and modern teacher! Remember, computer science is applied mathematics, so you can discover their fascination together using little math and Turtle Graphics instructions!
Invest in your child's education!

Almost everything works these days on any mobile device, and online school has shown us that we can access information quickly and efficient, even from a simple smartphone.

Let's not forget that Informatics is a fundamental subject on its own, and computer programming does not signify "only" using them at the primary level, but writing pure code using a mouse and a keyboard as a professional!

For example, a tennis player needs quality sports equipment to achieve performance, right? Similarly, students studying Informatics need a computer or a performing laptop to be able to seriously study computer programming.

Although you can effectively work from any device, for an optimal experience with the Python code editor is required a Turtle Graphics space of at least 1280 pixels (screen width), being quite complex and using various modern graphic systems and libraries.

Children learn a lot by playing,
and coding a spaceship is super cool.
Infobits Academy has an experience in the educational field of over 29 years, offering textbooks approved by our Ministry of Education and auxiliaries that respect the school curriculum, as well as Informatics and ICT, useful to those who need to prepare in these fields. Whether you just want to learn how to use a computer or to learn a new programming language, our ebooks and online platforms are sure helpful for you!

The creator of this platform is phd.eng. Vlad TUDOR, a teenage parent who listens and learns on a daily basis from his son about the reality of a new generation. He is the author of many books and articles, being passionate about e-learning and applied programming in the educational online environment.

The online Python editor is based on the latest programming languages, technologies and libraries, such as: Python 3, node.js, skulpt, CodeMirror, vanilla JavaScript, vanilla PHP and MySQL, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3. When we mention vanilla, .. we say pure code, optimum like a spaceship through the Universe! Many thanks to VxldEric for the interface and feedback, then to the inexhaustible and free resources on,,,,,, ...

Turtle Graphics programming in Python. Good luck with your studies and have fun learning the Python programming language!
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